We believe it is so important for the members of our community to be given the opportunity to give back to our troops. So many want to give, but may not have an address or any idea what to put in a box. We make it easy for young and old to all be a part of this project. –Nicquelle Timson

Every year thousands of our men and women are in combat zones during the holiday season. Their chairs at our holiday dinners are empty, their presents remain unopened, and their smiles can’t light up the room.

The Vermont Supports Our Troops Project (now VT S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S, inc, a Vermont non-profit organization as of 2014) was created in 2004, during the second Operation: Desert Storm, as a way to send a hometown holiday to our troops overseas.  Local civilians got together to pack boxes and write cards to our troops. More than a decade later, the project has grown by leaps and bounds, involving local businesses, media, and over a hundred volunteers.  However, the task remains the same.

No matter where our troops are stationed, maybe the Horn of Africa or an undisclosed area, we can still lift up their spirits and make their smiles glow from thousands of miles away. (Please understand VT SUPPORTS takes addresses VERY SERIOUSLY. The safety of our military is our first priority. We do NOT share addresses with anyone.)

Join us in sending over 700 boxes to our troops serving in combat zones this 2024 holiday season.  Let our troops know that they are appreciated, missed, and remembered, here in Vermont.