The 2020 packing event will take place on December 5th

(Closed to the Public due to COVID)

We wanted to CELEBRATE OUR BIG 10th ANNIVERSARY with everyone!! But as the world changes, we must adapt. Our RED, WHITE and BLUE shirts will try and pack at least 300 care packages on December 5th, but we still NEED YOUR HELP!! We need monetary donations for shipping ($19.60 per box), we need holiday cards, we need addresses of your loved ones in combat zones and NEW THIS YEAR… fill a bundle for us!!

Do you like competitions or not sure how to help… We can provide bundles of 5 or 10 boxes (per request) for you to fill safely at home or work. Maybe you want to have a competition at work or want to compete against another organization… the possibilities are endless! We will have a shopping list and a do NOT pack list attached to these bundles. Contact us today and we can deliver a bundle for you to get started! Drop off location for full boxes will be at the Elks on December 4th from 1pm to 6pm. Other arrangements can be made with prior notice.

The Vermont S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S. Packing Event is open to the public (when there aren’t COVID restrictions) and free of charge.  If you’ve never joined us… usually anyone can come in and grab a box, fill it with gifts and goodies from our tables, and slip in a handmade card.  We seal it, label it, and send it off to one of our soldiers serving in combat zones overseas.

This year, things have changed and our hands are few, so we need your support, more than ever.

We will see you all back next year!! We always warn new comers, once you come once, you’ll want to join us every year!