Month: October 2016

Donations from Vermont so far…

Excited to announce the first 3 Vermont companies to donate goods for our care packages. We can raise funds all day long for shipping, but if we have nothing to pack into boxes are efforts are fruitless. Thank you Vermont for being such a generous state to worthy causes.                […]

Corporate Sponsorship 2016

We have a NEW way for local businesses to support our worthy cause! In case you didn’t know, each box that we ship is a flat rate APO box through the USPS. There is no other way to get packages to our combat zones. Every year the USPS raises their rates, this year we will be charged […]

How Can You Help?

We are still looking for addresses to troops serving in combat zones this holiday season. Please email us privately. GIFTS and supplies please see our shopping list for more (REMEMBER: the more quality items we can fit the better, nothing too big!) VOLUNTEERS: the more the merrier… come the day of the event and pack […]

VT S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S. – Who We Are & What We Do

Want to learn a little about us… check out this short video. Share our cause with friend and family and join us December 3rd!! Cheers to 16 years! 520 boxes last year… how many QUALITY care packages can we send this year?!  Still in need of addresses, gifts, and shipping donations. Message us with any […]