Corporate Sponsorship 2016

We have a NEW way for local businesses to support our worthy cause! In case you didn’t know, each box that we ship is a flat rate APO box through the USPS. There is no other way to get packages to our combat zones. Every year the USPS raises their rates, this year we will be charged $16.75 per care package. To help with these soaring prices we are asking businesses to sponsor individual boxes. Below are our sponsorship levels:

Bronze Sponsor: 10 boxes for $170 (Shipping Banner name recognition)

Silver Sponsor: 15 boxes for $255 (Shipping Banner logo recognition)

Gold Sponsor: 20 boxes for $340 (Event & Shipping Banner name recognition)

Platinum Sponsor: 25 boxes for $425 (Event & Shipping Banner logo recognition)

Diamond Sponsor: 30 boxes for $510 (Media Sponsor! Event & Shipping Banner logo recognition)

Note that, not only will businesses be advertised on banners and/or on our website, but for a special touch, each box sponsored will have a sticker stating whom the box was sponsored by.

We know some businesses really could care less about their logo being anywhere, we appreciate your humbleness. However, we do think a humble sticker proves the simplicity of small town camaraderie in our wonderful state.

Thank you to all local businesses who continue to humble our organization with their enthusiasm and commitment to this project.